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The 2021 Club Minor Singles 

Entrants are reminded as follows:

Standard C o P applies  - this stipulates the singles game is played with 4 bowls with first to 31 points regardless of number of ends. Full Club uniform is requested.

Each game requires one Marker who keeps score and responds to limited questions from players. For the first round games, entrants are requested to organize their own markers. Thereafter, the loser of each round game becomes the marker for the next round game.

Breakers Championship Bowlers:


Welcome back to competitive bowling. After a long and frustrating delay, we can now play limited competitive bowls - we can finish our Minor Singles at least.  As far as 2021 is concerned that’s probably all we can do, but the program for competitive bowling in 2022 is already being prepared.

The Minor Singles draw is shown on the site. Players of the remaining games are requested to complete their games at the earliest opportunity and necessarily by the dates shown. If not, they must forfeit.

Because of existing COVID restrictions, games will need to be played on Saturday afternoon (preferred) or morning if space allows or Wednesday afternoon (preferred) or morning if space allows, when we have access to the greens, jacks and mats. If necessary, other arrangements may be possible but players will need to advise me well in advance.

Please ring David 0419 205463 (or email: with your proposed playing time and enter your details on the players’ app. as usual. You will receive a confirmation of your successful entry. But note the playing date limitations – we are trying to accommodate every competitor but the current situation is making this very difficult.

Chair of Match
DAVID MCCULLOCH - 0419 205463
2019 NSW COP