Second Men's Pennant Trial Game - Wed 13 September - check Team List in Pennants Tab     Creighton's Spring Carnival - CANCELLED     2023/24 CLUB MAJOR SINGLES - NOMINATIONS OPEN 9 SEPTEMBER - CLOSE 16 SEPTEMBER 2023    

Learn more about your sport!


Why not become an official umpire and help our club and our sport grow!

Bowls NSW in conjunction with Bowls Australia offer courses for beginners that are interesting, easy to understand and prepare and support you in your venture to become an official. The courses are locally run by very experienced and friendly educators who absolutely want you to succeed.
If we get enough willing people we may even get the course at our own club.

Grab a mate and complete the course together. You will enjoy what you learn and help your club expand along the way.

Please contact Stuart Beagley to register your interest, we will get back to you!


Unfortunately we have decided to cancel our Spring Carnival which was to be held on Saturday 16 September 2023. Maybe we have scheduled too many events too close together and worn you all out! Whatever the reason, we have not received sufficient entries to proceed with a successful carnival so we have decided to place our sponsor’s generosity elsewhere.

Thank you to all the members who spent time forming their teams according to our new gradings. We appreciate your efforts and co operation. We hope you will enter our next event which will be held soon. We have a very full calendar this year so we understand if you are all a little carnival weary right now. We all lead busy lives and it seems this is a busy time of year!

Regular Social Bowls will be available for all members on Saturday 16 September and we will be accepting entries from today.


$15 entry fee - SNACK included

3 games of Triples (OPEN EVENT)
Limited teams per participating club   MEMBERS ONLY PLEASE

Games commence at 9.00 am - arrive 8.30am

Prizes and raffles



Breakers Bowling Club, Mounties and Adviceco presen a cheque for $7000 to Kids In Need Central Coast as a result of a combined fundraising effort at our Autumn Carnival held at our club.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to such a worthy cause.

This charity is a small volunteer organisation who raise money to provide financial assistance to families of seriously ill Central Coast children, who are required to go to Sydney / Newcastle Hospitals for treatment. They do this, by easing the financial burden for medications, equipment, travel and accommodation.

Adviceco, Mounties and our own club have combined to raise a substantial $7000 which we will be very pleased to be able to hand to the representatives of Kids in Need.

As this presentation is to be held between the morning and afternoon sessions of our bowls please try to attend and show your support for our charity and our generous sponsors. But especially the Kids in Need of the Central Coast.

Two New Ways to Sign On - TOO EASY!

From tomorrow you will see a sign in the Bowls Office window like this.

We have decided to make it easier for you to log onto TeamApp and our Club Website  from your mobile phone.

Simply scan the QR Code with your phone camera and you will be taken to the mobile version of our website or to the website version of TeamApp.

Whichever suits your needs, your choice. No need to log in or install an app on your phone.

Once you can see the little yellow sign that says or click on one of them and you will be taken to the websites. Then all you need to do is scroll down in Team App to the player register at the bottom of the page or for this website click on the arrow next to the second "Home" and find the day you want to register for.

Whilst you are on these sites, have a good look around and enjoy what you see and learn about your club, conveniently from your mobile phone.

Go on - try it now!  You can do it with your phone camera from this screen!  It works and is safe - we promise. There will be plenty of convenient signs in our clubhouse for you to use.  OR grab a laminated card from the bowls office for your phone case or wallet.  No more searching for the shortcut on your phone.


Important Jackpot/Rink Prize Information

RINK PRIZES – ​​Effective immediately, there will not be a winning and losing rink prize awarded on Social Bowls Days.

JACKPOT DAYS WILL BE – ​The second Wednesday in the month – morning,
The second Wednesday in the month – afternoon,  AND ​​​The last Saturday in the month

​​These days may be changed if they clash with some other event but there will be
three Jackpot events run every month.


Increase your chances to win by playing Wednesday morning and afternoon. The second game will only cost you $6.00 in Game Fees.

From the beginning of July, the new financial year, each jackpot will increase by $150.00 per month and will top out at $900.00.

When it reaches $900.00 it will be drawn that day until won and the following month a new Jackpot starts. Each Jackpot will pay out $1,800.00 annually.

This month the current Jackpots will finalise. Both Wednesday jackpots were paid out to winners this week. The Saturday Jackpot will be played on 24th June and will be drawn until won.

The funds for our Jackpots are raised from the sale of raffle tickets in combination with our sponsor Terrigal Beach Fish & Chip Co.

Please support our raffles by purchasing tickets which enables us to run these days for our members.

Linda McGrath

We Have Won The Flag!!!

Thanks to 6 beautiful shots on the last end from Canton Beach our Grade 7 side have brought home the Zone 15 Pennant Flag.

Final scores were Breakers 11, The Entrance 10, and Canton Beach 9.

We congratulate The Entrance as runners up and Canton Beach for their great sportsmanship and fight back in their last game.

Thanks also to Mounties for the celebration drinks and to Gus and his team for our greens!

The precious flag is displayed on the club trophy cabinet at Breakers Country Club.

Thanks For Everything, Kevin

Kevin died this morning after a long illness. His wife Pam and two sons were by his side. Kevin was a very active member and contributor to our club and to bowls in Zone 15 and NSW.
He began as our President then moved on to be President of our Zone.  He also established  our club newsletter The Whisper and then stepped up to become editor of our zone newsletter Staying in Touch.  Who can possibly forget the entertaining Club Pennants dinners where everyone got a roasting.  Thanks for all your work for bowls Kevin, but mostly thanks for all the fun you made for us. Your love of our sport and your club is something we shall never forget.

Kevin's family will be holding a private farewell to him so there will be no funeral details available.



Why not follow Breakers and Mounties on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This will allow you as members to not only keep up with what is happening at your club of choice but also what is happening across the group.

Here are the relevant links below for your reference to make it easier to FOLLOW:


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Mounties Group

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The Women’s Pennant season starts on Tuesday 5th September 2023 until Thursday 5th October 2023 There are 2 games per week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings over a five-week period.

Breakers Women’s Bowling Club would like to enter 2 grades – Grade 3 and Grade 4 in this year’s competition.

We encourage all members of Breakers Womens Bowling Club and female members of Breakers Bowling Club to try out for this year’s pennants.

Out of our control, the Womens Bowls Central Coast requires a fee of $5 from our Breakers Bowling Club players to register for this District run competition. BWBC members have already paid this amount in their fees.

We are hoping to see many names added to the lists which will be placed on the Women’s Club and Breakers Bowling Club noticeboards.

As the Pennant Season is played through the October School holidays, please advise us if you will be unavailable for any dates.

Our closing dates to advise District of our grades is 30th June ,2023.

Let’s all give it a go.

Sue Staples

Chair of Selection 


2022/23 Club Handicap Triples Final Decided

Mike Stephens, Luke Mason, Ed Mason, John Bramwell, Steve English and Jeff Stannard

The winners of our 2022/23 Handicap Triples Competition were Mike Stephens, Luke Mason and Ed Mason 38 – 22 over Jeff Stannard, John Bramwell and Steve English. Great game from all players.

This was a new event played this year with a new handicap system. Some handicaps may be revised for our next event! However, our winners did not require their handicap of 10 to be victorious in this match.
Well done to all players in the competition who provided us with some very close contests and some very entertaining bowls.

Your Questions Answered

At our recent 2022/23 Half Yearly Meeting questions were asked about the eligibility of both MALE and FEMALE players in events run by NSWBowls and Clubs.

Remember when reading this document that NSWBowls is a unified body but Zones and Districts are not yet unified. Some clubs are amalgamated, and some clubs are not. Our two clubs are not amalgamated. They are both sub clubs of Breakers Country Club a member of Mounties Group.

It is important to read carefully the entire document especially those sections in YELLOW.

We hope that this may clarify where we all stand in our clubs and what competitions and championships, we may all enter in accordance with NSWBowls COP.

BowlsNSW Member Protection Policy is also available for you to read on our club website and on Teamapp.

Click on the links below to read the documents. You will be well informed and maybe a little surprised.