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New Club Champ - Vanessa Ward

Our new club champion for 2022/23 is Vanessa Ward who defeated John Ozard 25 - 14 in the final played today, Sunday 27 November 2022 in front of a sizeable crowd.

Vanessa is congratulated by her husband Nathan and of course all of us on a fine bowling performance.

The Work on the Front Green is Underway!


We all look forward to a new green for Pennant Season.  Right now we are making do with one green and we are very grateful to those members who have swapped their bowling preference from mornings to afternoons.  Thanks for your cooperation everyone, it will be worth it to have a renewed front green!  A big thank you to Mounties as well.

Mick is Our New Minor Singles Champ for 2022/23

Congratulations to Michael Nash our new Minor Singles Champion for 2022/3.
Mick took charge of the match from the start and despite a valiant effort from Stuart Beagley who bowled very well indeed, Mick did not veer from his path to the trophy. The final result was 31 – 8.

All results are in our Championship Tab. As you will see it was a great competition from all competitors.

Our very worthy Champion and Runner Up provided us with some great entertainment not only with their bowling but also with their display of sportsmanship and friendship on the green.

Thanks to Adviceco - Helping us to help the kids!


Thank You Adviceco for your sponsorship of our fundraising day for Kids in Need on the Central Coast.  

$2000 was raised for this very worthy charity and we applaud all our  generous members for digging deep into their pockets.

Christine Hallowes from Adviceco is pictured with Ian Betterridge, Lesley Mason, Lee Oliver and John Bramwell who all helped make this day happen.  

But most of all it was, you, our members who contributed to the overwhelming success of the day. 

How to Open Your  BOWLSLINK  Member Account


  • Open the Link for BOWLSLINK on our website  or Teamapp
  • DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING YET!!! Even though it looks as though you should.
  • Click on reset at the bottom.  Trust us, we know it seems strange.
  • Now type your email address.  Use your current email that you gave to your club.
  • You will be sent a 6-digit code to your email in about 5 mins.  The code only lasts for about 15mins so don’t go away.  Wait for it to come to your email account.
  • Enter this code and set your chosen password by following the prompts.  Make it simple. WRITE IT DOWN.
  • Now you can log on using your email address and your new password to view your personal information whenever you like and change your address, email, mobile number etc. and to enter championships at Bowls Aust, BowlsNSW or other clubs or states if available
  • You DO NOT need to do this if you don’t want to.  It is available to you if you are interested.  It will be further developed as times goes by. 
  • Your club has registered you as a bowler with BowlsNSW when you paid your fees, so, your name and details will be in the system.  And you do not need to do anything if you do not wish to.

The first champions of 2022 are our new Club Fours Champions.

Ian Betterridge (sub for G Styman), Peter Gibbs, Mick Maycock and Darren Hooper.

They defeated the team of John McGrath Stuart Beagley, Paul Charge and Howie Fortis 25-10.  Well played both teams.

Congratulations on great bowls and a hard fought final.