All 2021 results can be viewed in Championship Tab     Club Fours Championship Round 1 - January 23, 2022 at 1.00 PM        

Breakers is an Open Club!

Steve English, John Luxford, Gary Wall, Julie Cox, Dale Kalms, Lesley Mason, Lee Oliver and Kevin Ivins.

The first Open Fours Championship match was played at Breakers today in true club sportsmanship and according to BNSW new gender neutral membership policy introduced on 1st October, 2019.  There were smiles all round (even from those who didn't win)  and great camaraderie from all participants.  As a club we should all be proud that we did this, humble because it took so long, and maybe a little surprised that the world didn't come to an end!  

Thank you to all club members who have supported and encouraged our club to embrace a gender neutral, modern, and inclusive sport.

Match Result:
Lee Oliver, Gary Wall, Steve English and Kevin Ivins (skip) 22
Julie Cox, Lesley Mason, John Luxford and Dale Kalms (skip) 12