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WBC Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution & Rules of Wamberal Bowling Club

(As amended June 2011)


The Wamberal Bowling Club is formed under section 3B of the Constitution, Rules and By-laws of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited and members thereof shall have the use of the Bowling Greens and other amenities of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited.


The objects of the Club shall be:

a) To advance and promote the game of Lawn Bowls.

b) To select and control players, teams or sides to represent the Club in inter-club matchers.

c) To engender by association a fraternal feeling amongst bowlers and to promote and preserve the best interests and traditions of the game.

d) To affiliate with the Royal NSW Bowling Association and the Central Coast District Bowling Association.

e) To administer the affairs of the Bowling Club which shall be at all times under and subject to the control, direction and management of the Board of Directors of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited and without limiting the generality thereof, subject to article 32.18 of the articles of Association of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited.


When the word "Member" is used herein, such expression shall be deemed to mean and include only such members as have previously paid the current subscription.


Membership will be open to members of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited on payment of an annual subscription; such subscription may be reviewed from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited.

a) Nominations for membership shall be on the form prescribed by the Management Committee and shall contain the conditions of entry as set down from time to time. Such nominations shall be displayed prominently on the notice board for seven (7) clear days prior to acceptance. The time specified herein may be waived by the Management Committee. A record of members shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary.

b) No person shall be a full member until that person's correctly completed registration application has been forwarded to the Royal NSW Bowling Association by the competent club or body.

c) Every person elected a member of the Club must, before exercising the privileges of membership, pay the subscription for a current year.

d) Any member may, on severing his connection with the Club, apply for a clearance. Fees or charges incurred will be the responsibility of the member.


There shall be Ordinary members, Junior members and Honorary Life Members. Junior members shall be under that age specified by the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited and subject to such restrictions as shall be decided by that body.

Honorary Life membership may be conferred upon a member who has rendered outstanding service to the Bowling Club after a period of ten (10) years continuous membership. Such a member shall be nominated by one member and seconded by another.

The nomination is to be forwarded to the Bowling Club committee and if approved by that committee shall be referred to the Board of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited for approval and then referred to the next AGM of the Bowling Club. If approved by seventy five (75%) of the members there present and voting, the person shall become an Honorary Life Member and shall have all the rights and privileges of a member provided he remains a member in good standing with the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited. Not more than one member shall be made an Honorary Life Member in any one financial year.


Any member wishing to resign from the Club shall pay all subscriptions and fees due and owing by him to the Club. He shall notify the Secretary in writing of his intention not less than fourteen days before the Constitution & Rules of Wamberal Bowling Club expiration of any quarter date during the financial year.

Should the member fail to comply with the abovementioned provision the committee may refuse to accept and confirm his resignation and may hold him to the obligations of membership.


Any member who has personally or by virtue of a public office held by him rendered service to this Club or to Bowls in general, may be invited by the committee to serve as a Patron of the Wamberal Bowling Club. This is provided that the concurrence of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited is received and provided that the number of Patrons shall not exceed three at any one time and provided also that their appointments be ratified annually by the committee.


a) The management and control of the Wamberal Bowling Club ("The Club") shall be vested in the Management Committee of the Club, referred to as "The Committee."

b) The Committee shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Honorary Secretary (The Secretary) and Honorary Treasurer (The Treasurer), Bowls Coordinator and four committeemen.

c) The President and the Secretary shall be exofficio members of any sub-committee appointed under this Constitution or by the committee for any purpose.

d) The Executive of the Club shall consist of the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

e) Any Club business requiring urgent attention may be transacted by the Executive and the Secretary shall submit a report of that action for confirmation or otherwise at the next meeting of the committee.

f) Should a vacancy occur within any office to which an appointment was made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the committee shall fill such vacancy for the un-expired period of the year by:

i. Appointing the person(s) next in line for election at the AGM,

ii. Should there be no such person(s) or if they should decline, use their discretion by appointing a financial member of the Club.


a) The committee shall hold regular meetings, once in each month on a date and at a time they will determine. Special meetings of the committee may be called at any time by the President or Secretary on receipt of a written request by any three members of the committee.

b) At all meetings of the committee, five members personally present shall constitute a quorum. If a quorum is not present within thirty minutes of the time appointed, that meeting shall stand adjourned until a date and time fixed by the members in attendance.

c) Should any officer or committeeman absent himself from three consecutive meetings of his own committee, he shall be deemed to have vacated his office, provided nevertheless that the committee from which he has absented himself may give him leave of absence. Any vacancy shall be filled by the management committee at its next meeting in accordance with prescribed procedure.


a) General Meetings of members shall be held during the months of February and August each year. The meeting held in August will be known as the Annual General Meeting and the meeting held in February will be known as the Annual Half-Yearly Meeting.

b) The date of the AGM and the annual half-yearly meeting and any General Meeting shall be determined by the Committee and displayed prominently on the Secretary's notice board at least twenty eight days prior hereto.

c) The AGM shall in addition to any other matters deal with the following:

i. Consideration of annual reports by the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Bowls Coordinator.

ii. Appointment of a Returning Officer and two scrutineers for the purpose of the Election.

iii. Election of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Bowls Coordinator and four Committeemen. The Vice-President receiving the most votes shall be the Senior Vice-President.

iv. Election of the Match Committee and Coordinator of selectors.

v. Conferring of Life Membership as prescribed in Item 5.

vi. Business of which notice has been given in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution or Article 37 of the Constitution of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club limited.

vii. Any other business of which the committee may approve.


(a) Nominations for the position of President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Bowls Coordinator, Selection Coordinator and the four Committee Members shall be made in writing by a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must be members or life members. Such nominations shall be signed by the nominee consenting to such, providing that no member holding office in another Club having similar objects shall be eligible to hold office in the Club. All nominations must be lodged with the secretary fourteen clear days before the date of the AGM and shall forthwith be posted on the notice board.

(b) The same procedure as set forth in clause (a) hereof shall be used for the election of three members to form the Match Committee.

(c) The duties of the Bowls Coordinator, Match Committee and Selection Committee shall be as prescribed in the By-Laws to this Constitution.


(a) Where there are more candidates for any office than are required, a ballot shall be held among the members present and entitled to vote.

(b) Should there be an insufficient number of nominations, the vacancy or vacancies thus created shall be filled by verbal nominations taken at the Annual General Meeting and voting shall be by ballot of the members present and entitled to vote.

No absent member shall be considered for any position unless the nominee has given his written assent and such assent is in the hands of the Secretary.

(c) A ballot paper duly initialled by the President or by a Vice-President or by the Secretary shall be handed to each member present and entitled to vote.

(d) Any member desirous of voting shall indicate in the manner directed, the name of the person or persons for whom he desires to vote, being no more or no less than the number required to fill the vacancy or vacancies. He shall hereupon hand such ballot paper to the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer appointed to act as hereinafter provided.

(e) No person shall hold more than one office in the Club at any one time, other than on any sub-committee Match or Selection committee.


(a) At the AGM or at any time after notice has been given of' the AGM members may nominate for membership of the following sub-committees; Publicity, Social and Social Welfare and for the position of Assistant Bowls Coordinator. Any other sub-committees may be appointed by the Committee. No member appointed under this clause or the preceding sub-clause shall be a member of the Committee or be entitled to vote thereon unless he shall already be a member of the Committee.

(b) The duties of any sub-committee appointed under this Constitution may be as set forth in the By-Laws of the Club.

(c) The Match Committee and the Selection Committee are not sub-committees of the Club.


At all Annual General and Special General Meetings ten per cent (10%) of all financial and Life members shall constitute a Quorum. Should a Quorum not be present within thirty (30) minutes of the specified time for any General Meeting then such meeting shall stand adjourned until the same day and hour of the next week. or such other time as the members then present decide. Notice of such adjournment shall be given by posting such notice on the notice board as soon as possible after the adjourned meeting. Should a Quorum not be present within thirty (30) minutes of the time set down for such adjourned meeting then business will proceed nevertheless.


(a) The President shall take the chair at all meetings of the Management Committee. In his absence or refusal to act a Vice-President shall take the chair and in the absence or refusal to act of the Vice-Presidents, the members present shall elect a Chairman from amongst their members. The Chairman shall have a casting vote in cases of equality of votes in addition to his deliberate vote.

(b) The interpretation of the rules at any meeting shall be determined by the Chairman.


The Honorary Secretary shall:

(a) Keep a record of the business transacted at all meetings.

(b) Keep a copy of all By-Laws posted on the notice board at the Club.

(c) Keep a list of names and addresses of all Club members.

(d) Call all meetings in accordance with Club rules.

(e) Perform all the usual duties pertaining to the position of Bowling Club Secretary.


The Honorary Treasurer shall:

(a) Collect all fees subscriptions and other monies on behalf of the Club and his receipt shall be sufficient discharge to the person paying such monies. All monies received for the Bowling Club or otherwise by way of revenue or donations etc. shall be paid into the funds of the Wamberal Bowling Club and will remain under the control of the Board of Directors of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited.

(b) Deposit such money to the credit of the Club at which the Club transacts it’s business in the name of the Club at least once a week.

(c) Keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Club and the particulars usually shown in the books or accounts of a like nature.

(d) Submit to each regular meeting of the Committee a full and complete statement of all monies received and disbursed on behalf of the Club and a statement showing the financial position of the Club as at a date not more than one (1) week before such meeting shall be forwarded to the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited by the Secretary.

He shall produce a complete and duly audited financial statement of accounts and balance sheet to the Committee meeting scheduled to be held at least one month before the Annual General Meeting. After approval of the Committee it shall be displayed with any amendments thereto on the notice board by the Secretary at least thirty (30) days before the Annual General Meeting.

(e) Carry out such other duties as the Committee shall direct.

(f) All accounts shall be certified as correct by the President before being handed to the Treasurer for payment. No cheque shall be drawn in payment of an account unless such procedure is adopted. All disbursements shall be made by cheque provided that an exception may be made for petty cash items for which one (1) cheque may be drawn and amounts paid in cash.

(g) Keep a record of the income and expenditure of the Club.

(h) Perform all other duties pertaining to the position of Bowling Club Honorary Treasurer.



A Coordinator of Selectors shall be elected by the Members present and voting at the AGM and he will have one vote on the Selection Committee unless there be an equal number of votes when he will have a casting vote.

The Coordinator shall:

(i) Chair meetings of the Selectors.

(ii) Prepare and manage a grading schedule in accordance with the RNSWBA Conditions of Play.

(iii) Prepare a twelve months program of Association events including a provision for trial games for submission to and approval by the Management Committee.

(iv) Provide a monthly report to the Management Committee.

(v) Liaise with the Green Keeper regarding the allocation of green and rink space for competition play.


Selectors, not exceeding four (4) in number will be elected from and by those Selection Nominees, players, reserves and Managers who have indicated their intention to participate in Pennants competitions the following year by way of recording their name on the notice board list at a separate meeting to be held on or as near as possible to the third Saturday of October.

A form will be displayed on the notice board at least twenty eight (28) days prior to the meeting to allow candidates to enter their name. Nominations will close seven (7) days prior to the Meeting.


The rules governing General Meetings are as set forth in this Constitution, matters not so covered by these rules shall be determined according to the practice of parliament.


True and complete accounts will be kept of all monies received and expended by the Club. Once at least in every year, the accounts of the Club shall be examined by an auditor appointed by the committee, with the concurrence of the Board or the Secretary Manager of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited.


The financial year of the Club shall commence on the first day of July and end on the last day of June the following year.


A notice board shall be placed in a prominent position in the Club's premises and it shall be the duty of the Secretary to see that all requisite notices are displayed thereon, and that notices that have fulfilled their purpose are removed.

The Match Committee, Selection Committee and Sub-Committees desiring to display notices on the Club notice board may do so, subject to approval by the Management Committee.

Notice of all meetings shall be given be given the Secretary as follows: By posting on the Club notice board all particulars regarding time, date and place and objects of such meetings.


The laws of the game shall be those of the world Bowls Council.


(a) No appeal or complaint to the Committee shall be heard in regard to Selection, wherein the Selectors decision in respect to matters under their control shall be final in all respects.

(b) Match committee: Any member may appeal to the Management committee against a decision of the Match Committee. To be successful, an appeal by a member must establish that the Match Committee has not fairly applied the rules listed in the "Wamberal Bowling Club Conditions of. Play". Any appeal by a member under this clause shall be lodged within twenty four (24) hours of the decision by the Match Committee being communicated to the member. It shall be in writing, specifying the matter appealed and the grounds for the appeal. The hearing of the appeal shall take place within seven (7) days of the lodgement thereof and both the appellant and Match Committee may be present and tender a written or verbal statement.

An appeal under this clause shall not prejudice the right of a member to appeal to the Royal NSW Bowling Association or the Central Coast District Bowling Association where an appeal is appropriate under their rules.


(a) No amendment to this Constitution shall be made at a meeting other than the AGM or at a special General Meeting called for the purpose in manner appearing in sub-section (b) hereof.

(b) The committee may whenever it thinks fit convene a General Meeting and it shall on the requisition of not less than twenty (20) of the members of the Club having at the date of the deposit of the requisition the right to vote at General meetings of the Club forthwith proceed to convene a General Meeting of the Club to be held as soon as practicable, but in any case not less than one month or more than two months from the receipt of notice. A notice shall be placed on the notice board and this action shall represent sufficient notice to members of the meeting.

(c) All resolutions arising under any meeting called under this rule shall be decided by a seventy five per cent (75%) majority of members present and voting.


(a) A member shall be entitled to speak only once to each question but with permission of the Chairman may correct a mis-statement.

(b) Every amendment moved shall be treated as a new question. The mover only of any original motion shall have the right of reply.


Notwithstanding any matter previously stated herein, the Board of Directors of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club limited shall have the right to call a special meeting of the Committee or the members to consider the functions of the Club.


Disciplinary action may be taken in respect of any bowling member's unbecoming or inappropriate behaviour on the green or between bowling members and/or against elected officers in relation to bowling club matters. The management committee has the power to reprimand or suspend bowling members from social play or from representing the club in competition games for a prescribed period of time.

Any alleged breaches of discipline will in the first instance, be reported to the Board which may take such action in relation thereto in accordance with article 16 of the Constitution of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club Limited.


Subject as herein after provided the Constitution and Rules or By-Laws may be amended from time to time by a majority of the members of the Bowling Club at a general meeting. Annual General Meeting or a Special general meeting as in 32.18.5 of the Constitution of the Terrigal Memorial Country Club.



They shall arrange and control all social matches played on the Club's green and social visits to or by another club. They shall assist the Match Committee as required in the conduct of all competition matches and act as the controlling body when required. To keep up-to-date bowling records of the Club's players, teams and sides, arrange games for non-pennant players and generally attend to other purely bowling matters, administrative matters being the function of the Honorary Secretary. The Selectors shall have the right to alter sides in social games for the benefit of pennant selection.


The Selection Committee shall comprise a Co-ordinator of Selectors and up to Four Selectors.

The Selection Committee shall recommend to the Management Committee the number of teams to be entered in any particular Zone 15 competition. The Selection Committee shall be responsible for the selection of all Pennants and midweek triples teams in accordance with the RNSWBA and CCDBA Conditions of Play and maintain a Player Grading Schedule. The Selection Committee shall also select players to represent the Club in any other Zone competition event where selection of members is required. The Co-ordinator will liaise with the green keeper and with his approval, have responsibility for allocating the greens and the rinks to be used for competition play and selection trials.

The Co-ordinator shall prepare a programme and schedule for the coming Year by the second week in November and also submit a monthly report to Management meeting.

No appeal shall be made regarding any decision of player or team selection and any such decision shall be final in all respects.


The Match Committee shall control all Club championship events, and prepare a programme of events. They shall frame such rules governing these competitions as shall be thought necessary. These rules when framed shall be submitted to the Management Committee and if approved become the Match Committee Conditions of Play. Alterations to these Conditions of Play may be made at any meeting of the Management Committee.


The Management Committee may appoint a Tournament Committee of three members which shall, under their direction, organise and conduct special events, tournaments and any other competition not managed by the Match Committee. One or more members of the Match Committee may also serve on the Tournament Committee.